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  1. Mr kazakis.
    I still don’t understand why politicians like Adonis Georgiadis are trying to convince us that we should borrow more money.
    In United States every family has the constitutional right to declare personal bankruptcy once every 10 years. For example if someone has credit card debts that amount to lets say $200,000 and he falls behind every month it would make more sense for that person or household to declare personal bankruptcy and start fresh than to borrow more money from another credit card or institution and never come out of debt.With few words if one is constantly short it would be easier to cover that amount by either reducing expenses or getting another job.
    in the case of a country at least reductions and measures would balance the budget and not go to interest rates and past illegal loans and obligations.
    Just like for a debt free household , more so for a country, it is much easier to come out from a crisis and be independent and productive when you start fresh and debt free. Whoever does not understand that is either a moron or a «dirty» politician.
    Thank you
    Andreas Pavlou
    Chicago, Illinois


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