About the arrests of 15th May

On 12 May, hundreds of thousands of people flooded central
squares in 250-300 cities in over 50 countries around the world
responding to the global call for joint mobilization. In many
cities was brutal crackdown.

The movements that were born the past year in squares
come against the existing political system of electoral representation,
with a horizontal way of action.

This social effect started as a result of economic attack
on the people to carry the consequences of global capitalist
crisis. The people realize that the misery in which they are pushed
has not local causes (eg fiscal deficit due to bad manipulation
of money by some people in a specific country), but common
and global causes. So the idea arises to stop
people leaving the few and the “saviors” to manage their
affairs, but fight to take their lives into their own hands with solidarity through local and global

The modern form of global capitalism have given
power to the financial capital. Investment companies around the world
determine the local economies and every breath of our lives, for the interest of the few

and there is no way to be controlled by the people.
Any attempt for an alternative way face the repression and
the war.

If people go to streets to realize, to
be politicized, to be radicalized, to demand is something that
bother authorities and treated similarly everywhere.

Similarly in Syntagma Square before a year there was a grand
movement with hundreds of thousands of people coming down again and again
with concentrations to resist to the austerity measures and simultaneously they suggested
and applied a different proposal. And what they faced again

these people was a brutal repression and criminalization even
the most simple things, like sitting in a circle with other
people in a square and talk on politics.
This is what actually experienced political activists of “march2athens”,
a group of people from different countries started to walk from the
Nice, France since November to arrive on 5 May at
Syntagma Square and some from Patras as a ten-day trek
solidarity to the society that is in the center of the black whole
of economic crisis and to the society that strongly resists. The
end of the march coincided with the global mobilization of
12th of May.

Despite the pacifist method of the political activists, the local servants
of financial capital attacked to this small group while the activists
just sat in Syntagma Square and expressed with banners and piketes.

What happened was an organized plan in which police and
municipality colaborated in the repression and arrests. The municipality’s water van that ejects water focused on activists from across all the square and chose to go
at the point that they were sitting and nowhere else to began to
splash. The riot police surrounded them and
the arrests began.

When the people asked what’s the reason of these arrests they were not getting any
answer. The indictment was written in the police center, after arresting. The accusment is
environmental degradation, which has shamelessly lies, contradictions and
ridiculous sentences. This approach of arrests and accusations of degradation
environment implemented last year by the municipality to prosecute
mobilized in Syntagma Square.
They are talking about environmental degradation at the same time that the tear gases of riot police are spread to the atmosphere Athens. Chemicals that are
dangerous for protesters, local residents and the overall
pollution of the atmosphere.

Also how a mayor can say that he cares about the environment
when there is a bin in the square to throw garbages?
How mr. Kaminis can be so sensitive for the environment
when he don’t know how to water grass in the square and he destroys it?

He writes, therefore, the indictment that the 16 people who sat and
discussed in politics in the square disturbed the local ecological
balance. And these are decisions and wishes of a mayor who
playing games that turns urban areas into the ghetto and
upgrade them whenever they favor the interests (eg Gazi). And after this
major politicians and fascists dominate the political agenda blaming immigrands

The only way to break the attempts to criminalize and
intimidation of our movement is the struggle and solidarity.

Solidarity to the 16 arrested on 15 May.
No prosecution, no criminalization of our struggles
All of Wednesday, the 23rd May at 9:00 at the courts of Evelpidon St.

Source: Athens Agora




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