Unprovoked arrest of March to Athens participants in Syntagma Square

Note this correspondence:

Be careful colleagues. This action is both a provocation and a diversion. Let any reaction not be blind. Let us understand what this is all about. What pollution of the environment?  Who is polluting the environment?

This action comes only a few days after the first official position statement by the Greek armed forces on the subject of the “chemtrails” aerial spraying, something that was made necessary by popular mobilizations.

The best defence is attack.  That is the present logic of the Greek state.

W. Hall,  EPAM Aegina.




Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 5:52 PM

Subject: Urgent – unprovoked arrests of participants in the March to Athens


The participants on the March to Athens are being put up for trial at six o’clock this evening. They have been walking for six months to give a message in support of Greece to all the peoples of the world. Greeks who tried to prevent their arrest are also standing trial.

Lawyers have been notified.



Activists from “March to Athens (French, Spanish, Italian, Belgian and Greeks), slept in Syntagma Square yesterday as the two previous nights, without any tents, only with sleeping bags and blankets.

At 3:00 am, the police tried to remove them, but eventually they withdrew and left them alone.

In the morning during 8:00, they were asked again to leave the Square, and when they refused to do so, the police made massive arrests, using excessive violence, if you consider the group of people was peaceful, not large, lying on the ground.

They are currently located in police headquarters. At 18:00 today they are being brought to trial (in flagrant). They are accused of environmental pollution and resistance to authority.

The concert at 20:00 in Syntagma Square, will take place as arranged, in order to collect money to cover court costs of those arrested.



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