Syntagma Square protest demonstration 29/4/2012

The protest demonstration at Syntagma square against the chemical aerial spraying was held successfully. Members of the Attica action group and dozens of aware citizens turned out, distributed leaflets and spoke with the public, who showed interest in this huge problem of chemical aerial spraying.

Among the speakers at the demonstration were the distinguished scientist, the chemist Dr. Nikos Katsaros, researcher at “Demokritos”, and the well-known activist against chemtrails Wayne Hall, who on the basis of their knowledge and experience analysed the chemtrails phenomenon for the audience.

Our next gathering will be at the following meeting of the Attica Action Group, where we will decide on our next moves.

Get active and get organized with us. Details in Greek: Facebook: Ομάδα δράσης Αττικής κατά των χημικών αεροψεκασμών – ΚΙΝΗΣΗ ΕΝΑΝΤΙΑ ΣΤΟΥΣ ΧΗΜΙΚΟΥΣ ΑΕΡΟΨΕΚΑΣΜΟΥΣ.

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